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The adage goes, "The hunt isn't truly finished until the trophy adorns your wall." For over a quarter of a century, Highveld Taxidermists have been our trusted partner, consistently delivering exceptional taxidermy work to our clientele. Their comprehensive service includes collecting your trophies from Cruiser Safaris and ensuring the finished mounts are delivered directly to your doorstep. Should you find your schedule too tight to visit their studio en route to or from the airport, a direct Zoom video call with the owner can be arranged to discuss your taxidermy needs. To explore their offerings, click the link below to visit their website or connect with them on Instagram at @highveldtaxidermy.

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Important info

Taxidermy is only one option for preserving the memory of your hunt, and as such is offered as an add-on option, not mandatory. It is an option that must be carefully considered and thought through, as the process and delivery of a high-quality mount can add up to costing as much as the hunt itself, if not more.

Cruiser Safaris will handle the initial preservation of your trophy on site, prior to being delivered to the taxidermist. Once delivery is made, the taxidermist will consult with you regarding the style, scale and extent of the preservation and mount.

Cruiser Safaris is happy to clarify any information regarding the taxidermy process, where we can, or to facilitate an in-depth consultation when you are in South Africa. Alternatively, please feel free to visit the website for Highveld Taxidermists, or to contact them directly with any questions you might have.


Regardless of what choices are made with regards to your mount, the following services will automatically incur a cost on your part:
• Dipping (the process of disinfecting skins prior to shipment)
• Packing of skins and/or mounts
• Shipping to your nearest Customs Broker
• Shipping from the Customs Broker to your home

All costs will be confirmed by the taxidermist, dependant on the extent of the work they will do for you. A deposit will be required for their services, but arrangement can be made for the deposit to be made once you’ve returned home.

The taxidermist will be able to provide an estimate for the shipping of your final products, however, an exact final amount will only be available once your particular shipping crate is finished.

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Cruiser Safaris is located near the town of Lephalale (formerly Ellisras) in the Limpopo Province (formerly the Northern Province) of South Africa, about a 3½ - 4 hour drive from OR Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg.

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