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A step-by-step guide

We want you to enjoy an African hunting safari adventure with Cruiser Safaris that is as effortless and hassle-free as possible. With that in mind, we’ve put together a quick step-by-step guide of the process to get your adventure started as quick as possible.

Step 1 Pick your package

We have a number of great packages available that give you the best value for money to experience your African hunting safari.

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Step 2Pick your hunting
buddies or companions

Cruiser Safaris has many hunters from around the world vying to have their next African hunting safari with us. It is best to book and reserve you dates as soon as possible.

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Step 3

Book your stay with us at our rustic luxury lodge, your home away from home, and enjoy amazing dishes prepared by our incredible staff, beautiful views and much more.

Step 4
Receive your Adventure pack

Once you’ve booked your hunting package and accommodation with us, you will receive an adventure pack, that will give you more in-depth information on the rest of the process to make your adventure the best it can be.

Step 5
Get your airline tickets

The next step on the adventure, is to get your travel arrangements done. It is best to book and confirm flight dates and seats as soon as possible, in order to ensure availability.

Step 6

When taking on your African hunting safari adventure, it is imperative to ensure that you have the right tools for the job. Please connect with your airline to determine the requirements they have with regards to transporting firearms on your flights. Also make sure that you have all the correct paperwork in order for a safe and legal entry into South Africa, with the weapons that will be sued for your hunt.

Alternatively, we do offer the opportunity for rifle to be rented from Cruiser Safaris, should it make it easier for any of our guests during their travels. Please contact us directly for more information regarding this option.

Step 7
Making Bank

As with all international travel, it is important to contact your bank and discuss your travel arrangements with them. Most banks require electronic banking cards to be given access for use in other countries, so please make sure to inform your bank that you will be travelling to South Africa and have them grant you the necessary permissions to be able to use your cards while on your African hunting safari adventure.

Step 8
hAsta la Visa, baby!

Your adventure pack will have information regarding Visas, licences and permits. Check and make sure everything is in order before your departure date arrives.

Step 9
fly to south africa

The flight to South Africa is quite long, 14 to17 hours to be exact. So make sure that you have everything in order and are ready to relax all the way here. You will be refreshed and ready for your African hunting safari.

Step 10
Let The adventure Begin!

We’re ready and waiting right outside to pick you up and get you to Cruiser Safaris, where you can enjoy a thrilling and exciting adventure as you begin your African hunting safari.

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