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Our Team

A dedicated team of staff are here to help make your stay with Cruiser Safaris an unforgettable one. From the kitchen to the lodge, the rooms to the gardens, and throughout every hunt, our staff deliver world class service at every turn.

Pieter lamprecht

Your host at Cruiser Safaris is Pieter Lamprecht, who started hunting at the age of 5 and whose children are the fourth generation of his family to live on the property. An accomplished professional hunter himself, Pieter started Cruiser Safaris in 1995 and has created an award-winning hunting safari experience that serves local and international hunters, while conserving wildlife and impacting the local industry and community.

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Behind every successful man, is a strong and supportive woman, and with Pieter and Cruiser Safaris that is no exception. Pieter’s wife, Lizelle, helps to oversee the operations and day to day management of the lodge and ensures that guests are given the best experience of living their dream, possible.

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Cruiser Safaris boast a compliment of world class professional hunters that have been part of the family for many years. Highly skilled and well trained, our team of professional hunters will help and guide you to success on your hunting safari experience.

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27 Years of Trophy Hunting Experience

Chef Delmarie

Chef Delmarie will ensure that your dining experience at Cruiser Safaris is as memorable as the hunting itself. With over twenty years of experience, she has been with us for nearly fifteen years and will delight your tastebuds with fresh game and other traditional fare, accompanied with plenty of homegrown produce, fine wines and delectable deserts.

Chef Delmarie

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

All you have to do is make a booking with us and fly to South Africa. We’ll take care of the rest.
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Our Location

Nestled in the majestic bushveld of South Africa’s northern Limpopo Province, Cruiser Safaris is home to a diverse ecosystem of game and other fauna and flora. The picturesque grasslands and low mountain ranges are the perfect backdrop to an African hunting safari adventure that will prove to be all but unforgettable.

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Limpopo, South Africa

Cruiser Safaris is located near the town of Lephalale (formerly Ellisras) in the Limpopo Province (formerly the Northern Province) of South Africa, about a 3½ - 4 hour drive from OR Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg. With 63% of all hunting, the Limpopo Province is considered the hunting capital of South Africa, supporting an astonishing abundant choice of species.


The owners of Cruiser Safaris, Pieter & Lizelle Lamprecht, along with their children, are the third and fourth generations of the family to live on the property. They are people of the community and have strived without end to ensure that the safari hunting experiences of their guests are ethical and sustainable. Pieter also regularly consults with other game farms in the area in order to help them create healthy ecosystems for animals to thrive.

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conservation initiative

Cruiser Safaris is part of the Matlabas Conservation Initiative, which aims to foster and protect the privately owned rhino population of the Waterberg region. Through the Dream Network Project, Matlabas is empowering the community to make massive strides in preventing and prosecuting rhino poaching in the area. The initiative plans to fit adult rhino with trackable ankle collars, to further train and supply response teams, and continue to implement and grow an advanced network of cameras and monitoring systems.


Locally produced and with an understanding of the South African bushveld and the negative impact that modern society can have on our country’s beautiful natural landscape, Worthwild Tea is out to make a difference. Each purchase contributes to the Matlabas Conservation Initiative and their work to help protect the local rhino populations.

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Pieter is well respected as a member of his community, but also well known in the greater hunting industry, not only for his managing one of the most successful safari hunting ventures in South Africa, but also for his great respect and massive effort in maintaining conservation and sustainability. Pieter and Cruiser Safaris work hard through various organizations to realise these goals and further conservation causes in the area.

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Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

All you have to do is make a booking with us and fly to South Africa. We’ll take care of the rest.
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